In a recent blog post titled The Marketing Revenue Accountability Roadmap we cited that rapid digital transformation, along with other factors, has led the marketing function to its Moneyball moment. Any would-be revenue leader who isn’t tearing down demand era Sales and Marketing silos and building a unified Digital Revenue Team are fated to go the way of the dinosaur.

For Digital Revenue Teams to succeed, accurate lead to revenue tracking or revenue management is important to a company’s ability to confidently attribute income to specific marketing efforts. This type of revenue attribution is critical for sales and marketing teams, especially for B2B businesses.

Now make no mistake – attribution analytics aren’t news to marketing or sales teams, but the struggle is real. Unifying multiple data sets from multiple platforms locally or (further complicating matters) globally; linking that data to revenue reporting in a way that supports real-time business decision making and moves you closer to your collective revenue target is easier said than done.

And that’s where Cortex from Ledger Bennett comes in…

What is Cortex and why does it exist?

Cortex is a revenue intelligence platform. It’s a managed service, using technology built by Ledger Bennett that delivers an actionable view of revenue intelligence for Chief Revenue Officers and Marketing and Sales teams with a focus on revenue responsibility. The platform provides an aggregated view of cross-channel performance, from paid and organic social media to sales funnel and CRM activity.

It integrates with all major marketing platforms and tools including:

  • Salesforce
  • Marketo
  • Google and Bing Ads
  • Hubspot
  • Eloqua
  • Pardot
  • LinkedIn
  • Google Analytics
  • Facebook

Ledger Bennett built Cortex to solve the problem of clunky Sales and Marketing reporting that so many clients face. It accurately aggregates multiple data sets and formats, from spreadsheets; media platforms; marketing automation platforms; Google Data Studio – the list goes on. Our clients need a product that automates the collection and processing of these datasets and formats that all link back to revenue performance to provide a clear and accurate overview of revenue intelligence.

What are the main problems Cortex solves?

  • Provision of real-time data – data refreshes numerous times per day so Cortex data is always up to date and enables agile decision making
  • Transformation of data into a usable format – Cortex transforms multiple data sets into new structures that feed into the platform reporting process.
  • Cross platform media performance amalgamated into one clear message – media performance is aggregated into one dashboard so you can access a full picture narrative on paid media at a glance.
  • Planning and forecasting – Cortex helps plan and forecast media spend using a traffic light system that flags performance against media plan, enabling informed decision making on future spend and confidence in revenue forecasts from media activity.
  • A global view – Cortex enables aggregation of global data, giving business leaders real-time insight into collective Digital Revenue Team performance.

How will Cortex develop in the future?

The long-term vision for Cortex is to become THE Chief Revenue Officer insights platform of choice. As well as the functionality it currently boasts, longer term we’re aiming to combine sales forecasting; resource planning; project management; total customer lifetime view from acquisition to renewals and upsell and possibly customer service data.

Ledger Bennett are ushering in the new era of progressive marketing revenue accountability through the right-sized deployment of optimal people, technology and digital agency solutions to ensure our client partners continuously win in the revenue era. To schedule a Cortex demo Push to Start.