The law of diminishing returns.

It’s a challenge growing businesses often face when they discover the strategies that helped them grow in the first place aren’t what they need to scale.

This is the situation Velocity Global found themselves in. They’re experts in helping companies build global, distributed teams – and with the huge shift in remote working in the last few years, businesses need their skills more than ever.

But how to reach them? VG ramped their media spend by over 100% year-on-year, but saw a large decline in the quality of leads. So, they asked us to help them turn things round and start the returns growing again.


We realised that, in terms of media spend, all regions are not created equal. 

By analyzing their paid media strategy, we were able to link offline value to online spend and identify the most high-performance geos. 

Using that analysis, we were able to make a strategic shift, running VG’s campaigns in highly targeted regions ranked by product and MQL lead quality, basing our budget allocation on the size of the opportunity.

At the same time, we stopped spending budget in the low-performance regions, reallocating that spend into areas we were seeing the best results, as well as investing in new tactics such as a content syndication BANT lead generation program.


A new strategy for growth. 

Our new approach worked wonders, fueling a new stage of growth for Velocity Global. We delivered:

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