“Teams love Codecademy and so do organisations because it helps both grow and gain real value.”

Codecademy provides interactive training to help people gain and improve their coding skills. They were looking to break into the B2B space by marketing their ‘Teams’ product.

To stand out in their marketplace, Codecademy needed to tell a persuasive, more engaging story than their competitors. Specifically, one that explained the business value of their product while connecting it to the emotion-based goals, motivations and pain points of their business audience.


Personalizing content to personas.

To increase the effectiveness of their campaign, we mapped out three customer personas for Codecademy to target. These included IT and web teams wanting to upskill. Fringe teams (such as marketers and project managers) looking to improve communication with their tech-based colleagues.  And procurement and HR professionals that wished to offer employees a new training opportunity. 

We then created tailored messaging for each persona, showing how they could be best engaged based on the daily goals and challenges of their roles.


A targeted campaign to show how Codecademy for Teams helps different employees do their best work.

Our suggested content strategy was to target each persona using video, eBooks and infographics. Rolled out across the funnel, this combination of content would offer both high-level product features and detailed insights to show the benefits of Codecademy to different teams. 

In addition to building product awareness, this campaign was designed to encourage the audience to either request more information, or take a product trial via a dedicated landing page. 

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