The cookieless future.

It’s a massive topic – but everyone is talking about it. So, how could Acxiom promote their Real Identity solution in a way that rose above the noise?

Data is the fuel for online advertising. And Acxiom are the absolute experts in gathering consumer data (they’ve been doing it since long before the internet was even a thing).

The problem is, the way the online advertising industry is set up mistakes the map for the territory. In other words, businesses get lost in details and data points rather than using them to see their customers as real human beings.

That’s what makes their Real Identity solution so powerful. It’s all about using first-party data to get to real, human truths rather than relying on third-party cookies for lookalikes and inferences.

And so, in a tide that’s quickly turning against intrusive consumer tracking and the cookie-based order, they had a really great story to tell. But how could they make that story compelling for marketers bombarded with messages about solving the cookieless future?


“The Difference is Real”.

A witty campaign with playful visuals and warm-smile headlines to help Acxiom practice what they preach.

Marketers understand the importance of data. But what they really care about is people. Learning about what makes them tick so they can build real relationships, not just transactional exchanges.

Our creative approach was to bring that difference to life, summing up the contrast between real and fake with bright abstract images and impactful two-word headlines.

It was unlike anything else in market and showed that Acxiom really understood their audience – marketers who want to do stand-out creative work themselves.


The impact was real.

The Real Identity campaign was a hit. Take a look at the numbers:

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